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Are you tired yet?

More than 16 million tires have been cleaned up in Missouri since we began cleaning up illegal tire dumps in 1990.

To put 16 million tires into perspective:


  • The average car tire is 25 inches wide.  If laid tread to tread, 16 million tires could outline the perimeter of the state of Missouri (1,487 miles) 4.25 times, or cross the United States 2.3 times.


  • The average car tire weighs 22.5 pounds, multiplied by 16 million means that 360,000,000 pounds or 180,000 tons of tires have been removed from Missouri’s environment.


  • If laid in rows along Interstate 70 from St. Louis to Kansas City, the tires would cover both lanes and shoulder of one direction 1.5 times.


  • One scrap tire per person per year is generated in Missouri, or approximately 6 million tires.


  • In 2009, 1.75 million tires were used as tire-derived-fuel in power plants and cement kilns.

 See scrap tires  or the Solid Waste Management Program for more information about the Scrap Tire program.