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Springs of Missouri — Hodgson Mill Spring

Hodgson Mill Spring

Hodgson Mill Spring is the site is one of Missouri’s most photogenic mills.  Its picture has appeared on postcards sold throughout the state for decades and has been used to promote tourism in the Missouri Ozarks.  The mill was first constructed in 1861 and was subsequently rebuilt after being destroyed by fired.  The spring and mill are on Highway 181 in Ozark County.

The spring outlet cannot be easily seen because the mill was built over it.  The opening is a join in the dolomite and sandstone enlarged by solution and is situated at the base of a high bluff.  After leaving the outlet, the water enters a circular pool in front of the mill and passes over a dam and into the spring branch.  About 600 feet down the branch, the stream enters Bryant Creek.   Mill Spring flows about 20 to 28 million gallons of water daily and is one of Missouri’s largest springs.

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