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Missouri University of Science and Technology goes Geothermal

 Geothermal U

Video -- Missouri S&T Geothermal Project Groundbreaking

The groundbreaking ceremony honored the school's heritage as a mining educational institution as a golden drill bit replaced the customary golden shovel.

In an effort to develop a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient heating and cooling system for its campus, Missouri University of Science and Technology broke ground on a comprehensive initiative to develop ground source heating for 15 university buildings.

Ground source technology is a form of geothermal and uses the earth as a heat source or a heat sink depending on local climatic conditions.  These type systems are very energy efficient and typically have low operational costs.  The University estimates that through this effort a 50 percent reduction in energy use will be achieved and result in a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.  In addition, this will allow the University to decommission its 67 year old coal fired power plant.Geothermal ImpactWhen completed in 2014, the system will include approximately 600 wells serving three chiller geothermal plants on campus.  More information can be found on this Missouri S&T website.

Geothermal MissouriI also encourage you to visit our website to learn more about the State Geothermal Data project currently underway at the Division of Geology and Land Survey.  –Joe

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